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Anotherway Now is about conversations.
Big conversations and big questions about how we want to live and be in the world.
Big conversations in which we can all take part - and from which we all can grow.

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Why Anotherway Now?

Well, it should be clear to you by now. We believe in conversations. We think they’re a great way to explore important subjects – a great way for all of us to develop and grow. Oh, and we also think they’re fun!

We’ve created Anotherway Now to play our own small part in getting a range of new conversations going here in Manchester. We hope those of you reading this will share our enthusiasm for settling into a really rich and thought-provoking conversation in wet and wonderful Manchester, on a weekday evening once every few months.

hope you will. But only time will tell!

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Who are we?

We are, first and foremost, a bunch of enthusiasts. When we’re not doing this we’re busy running Anotherway Associates Ltd – our funky little business whose specialist areas are leadership and personal development. You can find out more on the Anotherway Associates website or download a small booklet about Our Philosophy here

Don’t worry, though. Anotherway Now is not a disguised pitch for business. We’ve created Anotherway Now just because we wanted to. We’re quite self-interested, you see. We view it as a wonderful way for us to meet and talk to some very smart and interesting people – and, in the process, to grow and learn.

We know we’ll then be able to take all this personal growth and learning back with us into our day jobs – where it will show up in all kinds of ways. Meaning we’ll be all the richer for having taken part in Anotherway Now … and so, indirectly, will be all the people with whom we work.

Sounds like a worthwhile investment of time? We think so. And we surely hope that you do too!

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